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Comic-Con 2015: At The Airport ... It Begins... by Derek McCaw (07-05-15)
One friend of the site landed in San Diego and knew it was Comic-Con season...

Star Trek 4th of July Flashback: "WE the PEOPLE..." by Derek McCaw (07-04-15)
Sometimes it takes a Canadian actor to remind us...

The Avengers Get A Bit Flakey by Ric Bretschneider (07-04-15)
Look who didn't get a cereal box...

Comic-Con 2015: Surviving Comic-Con by Nate Costa (07-03-15)
Nate Costa's tips for getting through five days of wonderful madness...

Comic-Con 2015: The 20th Anniversay Pro/Fan Trivia Match by Derek McCaw (07-03-15)
Twenty years of smack talk and trivia... celebrated on Sunday!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #403: Ride the Live 45! (07-02-15)
We interview Dan Herman, president of Hermes Press (Dark Shadows, The Phantom, Buck Rogers, and a few surprises), then tear apart all the clues and implications of Marvel’s 45 new titles, run down what’s in store at Comic-Con 2015, discuss the DC/Vertigo movies, and so much more!

Comic-Con 2015: EW Previews Batman v Superman Panel by Derek McCaw (07-02-15)
Oh, Warner Brothers, this is almost an abusive relationship. We want this to be so good...

The Secret History Of Ben Kenobi In Star Wars #7 by Derek McCaw (07-02-15)
What happened in those years in between on Tatooine? Marvel aims to reveal it...

Comic-Con 2015: Marvel Reveals The Future by Derek McCaw (07-01-15)
Axel Alonso calls it "dropping the mic before Comic-Con," so here are 44 new titles...

Still Hated, Feared, And Here After Secret Wars: The Extraordinary X-Men (07-01-15)
A new team that looks like an old team... especially if you count Old Man Logan....

Marvel Launches Contest Of Champions The Comic Book (07-01-15)
After Battleworld will come Battlerealm... and the Marvel Universe will never be the same...

Big Wow Comic Fest 2015: The Cosplay Gallery Part 2 by Ric Bretschneider (07-01-15)
Another look back at some great cosplay in San Jose before we head to San Diego...

Comic-Con 2015: Power Rangers Go Boom! by Derek McCaw (07-01-15)
Saban teams with Boom! Studios to create collectible comics celebrating the original series...

Comic-Con 2015: Marvel Pins Down The Fans... by Derek McCaw (07-01-15)
Marvel begins the dangerous sport of pin trading at SDCC... and it's adorable...

Big Wow Comic Fest 2015: The Cosplay Gallery Part 1 by Ric Bretschneider (06-30-15)
A look back at some great cosplay in San Jose before we head to San Diego...

Warner Brothers Gives New Line Vertigo by Derek McCaw (06-30-15)
The studio wants to keep their superheroes clear and consistent, except when they don't...

Strangers In Paradise Comes To Thrillbent (06-30-15)
Terry Moore's groundbreaking story will be serialized on the digital comics hub...

Comic-Con 2015: The Official Bags Of 2015 by Derek McCaw (06-30-15)
Warner Brothers Television has debuted the 13 bag options for attendees of SDCC...

Wil Wheaton Speaks Out On His Mental Illness (06-30-15)
No joke. The writer/director/actor speaks with UROK about his anxiety and seeking help...

Comic-Con 2015: Grant Morrison Goes Boom! With Klaus by Derek McCaw (06-30-15)
Tapping into Norse and Siberian mythology to create... well... Super Santa...

First Official Image From Star Trek Beyond (06-30-15)
Director Justin Lin tweets a teasing photograph...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #402: Dangerous Caterpillars! (06-29-15)
The Fanboys interview Scratch9 creator Rob Worley and Lion Forge Comics’ Shannon Eric Denton, then discuss of Secret Wars and other comics, Spider-Man movie casting and future appearances, Ant Man, Green Lantern, and Star Trek 4 movies, The Last Ship, the Return of River Song, Secret Warriors on Agents of SHIELD, Wayward Pines, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and so much more!

Marvel Takes Over Hollywood (06-29-15)
Watch the Red Carpet for the world premiere of Ant-Man at 6 p.m. Pacific RIGHT HERE!

Comic-Con 2015: What Will Warner Brothers Tell Us? by Derek McCaw (06-29-15)
Is it possible that Hall H will be where the studio initially Unites the Seven?

Sense8: A Slow Burn With A Rewarding Boom by Lorenza Shabe (06-29-15)
The Wachowskis just might have returned to greatness with this Netflix series...

Comic-Con 2015: Christmas In July At Hallmark by Derek McCaw (06-29-15)
They'll have different exclusive ornaments at SDCC and in their stores that same week...

Avengers of Oz: Age of Tinman (06-29-15)
It's time for the idea of the Oz characters as superheroes to get a revisit...

Doctor Who Season 9 Teaser Poster (06-27-15)
Really, Steven Moffat? The beginning of the end?

Comic-Con 2015: Steven Universe Gets His Own Graphic Novel by Derek McCaw (06-26-15)
Boom! Studios gives the Cartoon Network star deluxe treatment in December...

Comic-Con 2015: Agent Coulson And The Secret Warriors by Ric Bretschneider (06-26-15)
You may not have super powers, but you can still earn a badge at Comic-Con...

The Uncanny Inhumans #1 Breaks The Silence (06-26-15)
... and maybe the internet when you see who is on the team...

As Star Trek Beyond Starts Filming, Star Trek 4 Rumors by Derek McCaw (06-26-15)
Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto getting salaries that boldly go where none have gone before?

Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Is Coming Home! (06-26-15)
Just enough time to catch up before The Force Awakens...

Paul Rudd Meets The Little Avengers by Steph Rodriguez 06-26-15)
The star of Ant-Man meets his fans at California Adventure...

A-Force Will STILL Assemble! (06-26-15)
The all-female superhero team continues after Secret Wars!

Review: Batkid Begins by Derek McCaw (06-26-15)
For a day, a quarter of the world thought, "Yeah, we want the world to be BETTER..."

Phonogram Returns From Image Comics (06-25-15)
The Immaterial Girl appears...

Introducing The Totally Awesome Hulk (06-25-15)
Who is the mystery figure having fun with the powers of the Hulk?

Comic-Con 2015:Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion Unleash CON MAN by Derek McCaw (06-25-15)
This may be the greatest panel in all of Comic-Con...

Comic-Con 2015: The Exclusive Viz Media Ultraman Figure by Derek McCaw (06-25-15)
Because it deserves its own page....

Patronus: A James Bond/Hogwarts Mash-up by Mish'al Samman (06-25-15)
What happens when James Bond enters the magical world of... ?

Comic-Con 2015: Viz Brings The Exclusives... and Ultraman! by Derek McCaw (06-24-15)
There's also a new dub of Sailor Moon, and all you need to protect yourself in Hyrule...

Comic-Con 2015: The Keys! The Keys! by Derek McCaw (06-24-15)
Warner reveals (most of) the art for the keys to your hotel rooms in SDCC!

All-New All-Different Avengers? Definitely Maybe (06-24-15)
The changes from last fall are sticking... this could be really good!

Spider-Gwen Gets A New #1 (06-24-15)
It seems there will be more than one Earth after Secret Wars after all... and that's good.

Dark Horse Comics Launches Rexodus by Derek McCaw (06-24-15)
This may be enough for some of you: DINOSAURS. WITH. LASERS.

Some Of Our Comics Are Missing by Derek McCaw (06-23-15)
Diamond asks Northern California retailers to hold off sales until Thursday this week...

Captain Marvel Survives Secret Wars by Derek McCaw (06-23-15)
Don't call it a comeback... Carol Danvers has been a star for a while now...

Marvel and Sony Have Their New Spider-Man by Derek McCaw (06-23-15)
Start catching up on Wolf Hall...

Comic-Con 2015: Michael Keaton Goes BOOM! by Derek McCaw (06-22-15)
Star will headline Imagine Agents for Fox Studios...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #401: Prepping for Comic-Con! (06-22-15)
Listen up as we discuss the Red She-Hulk mystery, comics mergers, more #1 issues, Absalom Daak, Conan O’Brien, Batman Day, Civil War news, the Sl4mtastic, the Gambit movie, The Crow remake, Inside Out, American Gods, The Walking Dead: Michonne game, a new South Park video game,  Kingdom Hearts, XBOX One an E3 winner, and so much more!

Comic-Con 2015: No Marvel Studios But Marvel Television? by Nate Costa (06-22-15)
Because at all conventions, Coulson Lives!

Doctor Strange Survives Secret Wars by Derek McCaw (06-22-15)
Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo launch new book in the Fall, but is it all-new all-different?

Comic-Con 2015: William Shatner Returns As James T. Kirk! by Derek McCaw (06-22-15)
The veteran actor will read excerpts from The Autobiography of James T. Kirk...

Miles Morales Survives The Ultimate Universe by Derek McCaw (06-20-15)
UPDATE: Marvel's official press release with more information!

Ted 2: Back In A Flash by Derek McCaw (06-20-15)
Still can't say if the movie is any good, but this poster WINS!

David Tennant Joins The Cast Of Chew by Nate Costa (06-19-15)
From Time Lord to Cibopath, and we've got an exclusive chat with co-creator John Layman!

Review: Inside Out by Derek McCaw (06-19-15)
Pixar makes the abstract into something cute and cuddly...

Comic-Con 2015: The Line For Hall H Awakens by Batton Lash (06-17-15)
Probably not really, but why else would Vader and Chewie be hanging out in the Gaslamp?

Fanboy Planet Podcast #400: Live From 7 Stars Bar and Grill! (06-16-15)
Live from 7 Stars Bar and Grill, with special guest and creator of Ackbar’s Eleven and Troops Kevin Rubio, we’re talking Thunderbirds are Go, Rickey Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo, Secret Wars, Comic-Con, Jurassic World, Ant-Man, Wayward Pines, Sense8, Dark Matter, Killjoys, Childhood's End, and so much more!

Fanboy On Kickstarter #14 by Ric Bretschneider (06-16-15)
We Happy Few and Epic Card Game! Don't miss these amazing products!

Ackbar's Eleven by Kevin Rubio (06-10-15)
Planned by the most suave mon calamari in the galaxy, IT'S A HEIST!

The NBA Unveils James Bond In Spectre Trailer by Derek McCaw (06-10-15)
Finally, a commercial that puts the Bond back in James Bond....




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