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Comics: Return to Marvel's Original Star Wars by Derek McCaw (12-16-14)
Remastered graphic novel takes us back to 1977 and young Howard Chaykin...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #378: Erik Larsen - Savage Dragon 200 Interview! (12-11-14)
The Fanboys sit back in amazement as The Savage Dragon celebrates 200 issues and we have an exclusive interview with creator Erik Larsen, then we discuss mutant disappearances, All New Marvel, Secret War #2, DC West Coast Relaunch, The Sony Hack, New Old-School Godzilla film, Deadpool movie, 80 Days for iOS, and so much more!

Secret Six #1 by Derek McCaw (12-07-14)
Gail Simone returns to write a new version of one of her best-loved titles...

Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1 by Derek McCaw (12-07-14)
The lost daughter of Odin and Image gets a new solo Marvel book...

Comics: Star Wars The Expanded Marvel Universe Is Coming by Derek McCaw (12-07-14)
Preview pages from the upcoming Jason Aaron and John Cassaday ongoing title!

The Fanboy Planet 2014 Holiday Shopping Guide (12-07-14)
Just in case you haven't found them elsewhere... here are the Amazon links to our Gift Guide!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #377: The Internet Goes Crazy! (12-7-14)
The Fanboys rave Dark Knight Returns Again, Japanese Manga Batman, Bond 24, Star Wars, Pitch Perfect II,  Agent Carter, Arrow vs Flash again?, Gotham and Constantine, Preacher, Powers, Walking Dead,and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #376: Giant Sized Christmas Gift Guide! (11-26-14)
The Fanboys expose their Giant Size Fanboy Christmas Gift Guide, comics news, Universal Monsters, Wonder Woman director, Jurassic World, Star Wars Episode VII, Constantine, Flash and Arrow cross-over, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #375: Beware the Douchebots! (11-12-14)
The Fanboys examine DC’s Convergence and Multiversity, Hulk vs. Thanos, Django and Zorro, Victor Von *WHAT?*, Young Aunt May, Strange Magic, Ultron tidbits, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Agent Carter, UHF, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #374: Morrison's Law! (11-7-14)
The Fanboys discuss the Star Wars VII title, DC’s Convergence, Marvel’s Secret Wars Battleworld, Avengers/Attack on Titan Cross-over, Marvel Phase III, Toy Story 4, Cinemax's Outcast, Geoff Johns explains TV vs. Movies for DC, and so much more!

Review: Big Hero 6 by Derek McCaw (11-07-14)
Disney takes a minor super team and sends it into the big leagues...

Cyborg Ascendant, But Why? by Troy Benson (10-30-14)
Explaining how Cyborg became a pop culture powerhouse...

The Avengers Play "Who's Worthy?" In Age Of Ultron by Derek McCaw (10-29-14)
We know who's worthy -- Chadwick Boseman.

Repost: Who Are Worthy Of Thor's Hammer? by Troy Benson (10-30-14)
All joking in Age of Ultron aside, others have picked up the hammer...

Batman v Superman Uses Its Powers Only For Good by Derek McCaw (10-28-14)
Help save the bats. It's that simple.

Fanboy Planet Podcast #373: Dag Nab-Bit Hydra! (10-26-14)
The Fanboys pore over this week’s movie news including every Marvel and DC/Warner movie up to last week's announcements, then discuss Joe Books, Marvel Year of Future Past, DC Blue Sky, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, and so much more!

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood by Drew Simchik (10-19-14)
Catching up on Drew's reviews with the first "comic" episode of the season...

The Return of Big Daddy: "Music of the Night" by Derek McCaw (10-16-14)
The Phantom of the Opera was working in the lab, late one night...

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek by Drew Simchik (10-16-14)
Can the Doctor learn to do something with a soldier beyond giving orders?

Warner Brothers Announces Five Years Of Fantastic Films by Derek McCaw (10-16-14)
The real question is... will they be any good?

Fanboy Planet Podcast #372: Kevin Grazier, SF TV and Movie Science Advisor! (10-15-14)
Fanboy Planet exclusive interview with Science Fiction TV and Movie Science Advisor Kevin Grazier of Battlestar Galactica, Defiance, Falling Skies, Eureka and Gravity, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #371: Fanboy Planet Gives You Wings! (10-9-14)
The Fanboys interview Alternative Press Expo creator Dan Vado, and discuss Thor herself, new Thrilling Adventure Hour Comics, superhero movie rumors, Lego Minecraft, Twin Peaks, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #370: The Guilt of Zombie Dentists ! (10-3-14)
The Fanboys pow-wow over Batman Stamps, sexist t-shirts, Gamora, Fantastic Four, Zombieland 2, Crouching Tiger 2, New Twilight, Walking Dead, Fancy Ghosts, Throne of Atlantis, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #369: Smiling Happy Klingon, Take Two! (10-1-14)
LIVE FROM CONVOLUTION 2014! The Fanboys resolve the The Rocketeer cliff-hanger, then discuss Klingons, Superfight, Disney Infinity 2.0, Comic-Con destruction, Annabelle, Aquaman, Gotham, Agents of SHIELD, Doctor Who, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #368: Mr. Darcy Gets a Taste! (09-26-14)
The fanboys discuss TMNT on eBay, the Deadpool Movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, Aquaman’s surprise movie appearance, early take on Gotham, Agents of Shield, Doctor Who: Time Heist, Infinite Crisis unlocked, Disney Infinity 2.0 drooled over, and so much more!

Digital Fanboy: Dude, Where's My Stuff? by Ric Bretschneider (09-20-14)
Hey, kid, it's not a library...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #367: Night Crullers! (09-17-14)
The fanboys discuss Ghostbusters treats, a possible DC/Marvel crossover, Skull Island, The Hobbit, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Lord of Catan, Lucifer, Titans, Agent Carter, Flash, Agents of Shield, Doctor Who, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #366: Rough and Tumble Fanboys! (09-12-14)
The fanboys return from summer hiatus just in time for Future’s End, Original Sin, the new Superman, Multiversity, Iron Man 4, The Rock as Black Adam (remember, you heard it here first, years ago!) Doctor Who, Agents of Shield, The Flash, The Last Ship, Futurama on The Simpsons, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #365: Carr Cast 2014! (09-04-14)
The fanboys sit down with Carr D'Angelo, The Hollywood Comic Book Guy and owner of Earth 2 (It's a fact! Look it up!) for chatter about the state of the world of comics, lunch and so much more!

Fanboy On Kickstarter #12 by Ric Bretschneider (08-28-14)
Pack O Games!: Over seven fun to play micro games, and maybe even more by the time you read this!

Review: Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For by David J. Fowlie (08-25-14)
Too much of the same too late, but a few bright spots in the black and white...

The Greatest Bobblehead In History Is Coming by Derek McCaw (08-25-14)
And when it comes out, it will be trapped on a desk it never made...

Doctor Who: Deep Breath by Drew Simchik (08-25-14)
A new face who wears an old face... is Peter Capaldi The Doctor?

Fanboy Planet Podcast #364: Superman's Pal, Nate Costa (08-15-14)
The fanboys sit down to listen to Nate Costa's epic set of Comic-Con interviews, including Artist Todd Nauck, Skybound Editor Sean Mackiewicz, TopCow writer and COO Matt Hawkins, TopCow writer/artist Larime Taylor, Image writer/artist/former Skybound editor Sina Grace, Mike Tyson Mysteries Producer Hugh Davidson, Community's Jim Rash, Iron Cartoon Character Mike Tyson, Toymaker Todd McFarlane, Smilin' Erik Larsen, King of Comic-Con Robert Kirkman, and so much more!

Jason Momoa IS Aquaman by Derek McCaw (08-12-14)
Variety confirms the casting after Zack Snyder proves he gets why Aquaman rocks...

Robin Williams by Derek McCaw (08-11-14)
A look back at some great but forgotten performances...

Digital Fanboy, Episode 2: Locking The Barndoor by Ric Bretschneider (08-07-14)
Why providers want to make sure you're only doing what they want...

Comic-Con 2014: Nate Costa Vs. The Walking Dead by Nate Costa (08-03-14)
The outbreak begins in Petco Park -- can Fanboy Planet's Nate Costa survive it?

The Venture Bros Season 6 Teaser by Derek McCaw (08-03-14)
Can it be Christmas in August?

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy by Derek McCaw (08-01-14)
Yes, it may be the best of the Marvel movies, and it's left us wanting more...

Comic-Con 2014: Cosplay Gallery 1 by Derek McCaw (07-31-14)
The importance of teaching children proper hand gestures...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #363: Post Comic-Con Banter! (7-31-14)
The fanboys talk with guests Derek McCulloch and Anthony Peruzzo, creators of Displaced Persons, then discuss, Comic-Con events you may not have heard about yet, Guardians of the Galaxy, an Archer & Armstrong movie, Lucy Lawless coming to SHIELD, The Quest on ABC, and so much more!

Comic-Con 2014: Thursday by Derek McCaw (07-30-14)
Beginning with lines and ending with parties..

Fanboy On Kickstarter #11 by Ric Bretschneider (07-29-14)
Elfquest fans should love this week's spotlight, plus Core Worlds Digital...

Comic-Con 2014: DC Confirms Batman: The Lost Episode by Derek McCaw (07-28-14)
Len Wein adapts Harlan Ellison's unproduced script for Batman '66...

Comic-Con 2014: The Complete Age of Ultron Poster Image by Derek McCaw (07-28-14)
Marvel gave away eight mini-posters that combined to form the Voltron of movie teasers!

Comic-Con 2014: DC's Batman Costume Display by Derek McCaw (07-28-14)
A look at all the costumes and cowls DC had on display in its booth to celebrate Batman 75!

Comic-Con 2014: The Constantine Trailer by Derek McCaw (07-26-14)
Is this the John Constantine we all know and sort of loathe?

Comic-Con 2014: The Arrow Season 3 Trailer by Derek McCaw (07-26-14)
Warner teased Hall H with it tonight, then sent it on to us...

Digital Fanboy, Episode 1: Where The Heck Are We? by Ric Bretschneider (07-26-14)
More and more people are reading comics on digital devices; how to make the right choice?

New Doctor Who Teaser: Listen by Derek McCaw (07-26-14)
...and try to stay patient until August 23...

Comic-Con 2014: First Pic Of New Wonder Woman by Derek McCaw (07-26-14)
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, everybody. It works for me.

Comic-Con 2014: The Stan Winston Giant Creature Project by Derek McCaw (07-26-14)
Taking live practical effects to the next level -- and thankfully not wreaking havoc...

REPOST: Interview With Vivek J. Tiwary: Following The Sun by Derek McCaw (07-26-14)
The Fifth Beatle won the Eisner for Best Reality-Based Work...

Comic-Con 2014: Return To The Pizza Thrower by Nate Costa and Derek McCaw (07-25-14)
Derek finally comes out of his shell to fight along side his turtle brethren...

Comic-Con 2014: Ben Affleck's Cape and Cowl At DC Booth? by Derek McCaw (07-25-14)
DC has had a sneak peek up all along...

Comic-Con 2014: Warner Unveils Batman '66 Special Edition by Derek McCaw (07-25-14)
It is a thing of beauty.

Comic-Con 2014: Picture of Batfleck Tweeted by Derek McCaw (07-24-14)
Yes, he's in the cowl and it's got people a-twitter...

Comic-Con 2014: Wednesday by Derek McCaw (07-24-14)
We are the Oncoming Storm...

Comic-Con 2014: Marvel Releases Ant-Man Concept Art Poster by Derek McCaw (07-24-14)
Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas star as two men in love with the same secret identity...

Comic-Con 2014: Image Expo by Derek McCaw (07-23-14)
Image announces TWELVE new titles before we've even begun Comic-Con proper!

Comic-Con 2014: Pizza Hut Sponsors TMNT Pizza Thrower by Derek McCaw (07-23-14)
More fun outside in the Petco Interactive Zone!

Comic-Con 2014: Happy Batman Day! by Derek McCaw (07-23-14)
Celebrate the Dark Knight!

Comic-Con 2014: Disney Infinity 2.0 Collector's Edition by Derek McCaw (07-22-14)
It's expensive, but it's beautiful... IF you have a Playstation...

Comic-Con 2014: The Marvel TV Panel by Derek McCaw (07-22-14)
Who will Lucy Lawless play on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Comic-Con 2014: The Pro/Fan Trivia Match by Derek McCaw (07-22-14)
Wolverine creator Len Wein returns to lead a team against at least one familiar player...

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 9 by Ric Bretschneider (07-21-14)
One last look back at San Jose cosplay... your move, San Diego...

Comic-Con 2014: Toy Story That Time Forgot by Derek McCaw (07-22-14)
Mike Mignola creates an exclusive poster for Pixar that... well... it's a thing of beauty...

Flashback To Comic-Con 2007: Interview With Brandon Molale by Derek McCaw (07-21-14)
The Rock hints at Shazam; will this Captain Marvel look-alike go toe to toe with him?

Comic-Con 2014: Help Batkid Begins Begin! by Derek McCaw (07-21-14)
Make-a-Wish turned Miles Scott into Batkid; help his story inspire others...

I've Always Been A Geek, Now Why Don't You Believe Me? by Lani Bassett (07-21-14)
Beginning a discussion on how fandom needs to start accepting its own diversity...

Comic-Con 2014: The Original Flesh Gordon Comes To Comic-Con (07-17-14)
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of a cult classic, come meet the star, Jason Williams!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #362: Bring Deodorant! (7-17-14)
The Fanboys Interview both the organizer for Speed Dating at GenCon and the director of the documentary Batkid Begins, then talk about Thor becoming a woman, changes to Captain America and Iron Man, Dark Circle Comics, Batman '66 finally on video, Constantine changes, new Gotham news, rebooting Universal Monsters, Spider-Man may escape Sony, and so much more!

Marvel Proudly Introduces Thor On The View by Derek McCaw (07-15-14)
This October, the God of Thunder becomes a goddess. Please don't let it be Jenny McCarthy.

Comic-Con 2014: Surviving Comic-Con by Nate Costa (07-14-14)
After years of experience, Nate weighs in on how to help you and others survive SDCC...

The BBC Releases The Real Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer by Derek McCaw (07-14-14)
Life returns, and the Doctor flies deeper into darkness...

Fanboy On Kickstarter #10 by Ric Bretschneider (07-12-14)
Two light and inexpensive games for your travel enjoyment.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes by David J. Fowlie (07-12-14)
This may be The Empire Strikes Back of Ape movies...

Comic-Con 2014: Michael Douglas Coming To Comic-Con by Derek McCaw (07-12-14)
Saturday at 5:30 in Hall H -- Douglas confesses his fears to David Letterman...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #361: Charming Accents! (7-11-14)
The Fanboys listen to an exclusive interview with William Stout, then discuss Ringworld, Dark Circle Comics, Batman Day, Counter Comic-Cons, Comico revival?, Batgirl revamp, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doomsday in Dawn of Justice, Atom on Arrow, Firestorm on FlashNobility, a new Harry Potter story, and so much more!

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 8 by Ric Bretschneider (07-11-14)
Parents and children, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives... EVERYBODY plays!

Big Hero 6: Meet Baymax by Derek McCaw (07-11-14)
Spend 20 seconds with the next most adorable robot in the world...

Casting Shuffle For Constantine by Derek McCaw (07-11-14)
At least Lucy Griffiths' Liv won't get dragged down by a demon...?

Batgirl Gets A New Look, A New Team, And A New Direction by Derek McCaw (07-10-14)
A stalwart of the New 52 actually becomes different than the rest...

Donovan & Simms Episode VI: Simms' Day Out by David McGuire (07-09-14)
Simms discovers that there is another...

Fanboy Planet Classic: The Scarlet Speedster by Daniel DeFabio (07-09-14)
In the wake of Ingmar Bergman's En Flash, Daniel reminds us of his alternate Jay Garrick...

Non-Con 2014: If You Can't Go To San Diego... by Derek McCaw (07-09-14)
Has Earth-2 Comics got a party for you...

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 7 by Ric Bretschneider (07-09-14)
The creativity continues... though none using the Marvel Method...

What If Ingmar Bergman Directed The Flash? by Derek McCaw (07-08-14)
Not even the Fastest Man Alive can outrun an existential crisis...

Comic-Con 2014: Fox "Offsite" Experiences Will Be Amazing by Derek McCaw (07-08-14)
Sleepy Hollow and Gotham have exciting interactive experiences waiting for you...

Kevin Smith's TUSK Coming Fall 2014 by Derek McCaw (07-08-14)
You'll believe a man can become a walrus...

Comic-Con 2014: Stephen Amell Hosting WBTV's DC Saturday! by Derek McCaw (07-08-14)
The Arrow star has secretly become DC's Robert Downey, Jr.!

Comic-Con 2014: Marvel Introduces Marvel Method Cosplay! by Derek McCaw (07-08-14)
How to become a Scarlet Witch in time for San Diego...

Extended Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer by Derek McCaw (07-08-14)
Nicely set to The Runaways' "Cherry Bomb" -- we've got 12% of a plan!

Comic-Con 2014: ROM The Space Knight Returns! by Derek McCaw (07-08-14)
....in a cute and cuddly form, making for a possible Comic-Con ROM-Com...

Glen Keane's "Duet" by Derek McCaw (07-08-14)
A beautiful blue tone poem about art and growing up, from an animation master...

Batman Eternal: The Brightest Flame In The DCU by Kris Koller (07-08-14)
A sweeping look at the Batman Universe combined with a gripping story...

Guardians of the Galaxy: 17 Minute IMAX 3D Preview by Derek McCaw (07-07-14)
17 minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy was as good as Transformers 4 was bad...

Comic-Con 2014: Image Expo Comes To San Diego by Derek McCaw (07-07-14)
...and Nate Costa has already left to find parking.

Brooding Grey Superman From Dawn Of Justice by Derek McCaw (07-03-14)
The "S" means "we still don't know how to offer you hope..."

Fanboy Planet Podcast #360: Not Too Early To Think About X-Mas! (7-2-14)
The Fanboys Rejoice at Outcast, Jim Steranko and The Shadow, Gotham Academy, Arkham Manor, Planet Hulkish, Groot in court, Enchanted 2, Hallmark Ornaments, Community, The Strain, Hieroglyph, Katana on Arrow, Batman '66 Video Release, Sherlock, Life, Animated, and so much more!

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 6 by Ric Bretschneider (07-01-14)
All the Batman '66 action anyone could ask for, short of actual Batman '66...

American Gods Moves To STARZ by Derek McCaw (07-02-14)
Neil Gaiman's classic novel gets a step closer to a TV series...

Character Posters From Disney's Big Hero 6 by Derek McCaw (06-29-14)
A side-by-side comparison of the kid heroes in comics and the versions coming to theaters...

The New Video From Eternity: "Make Love, Not Just Sex" by Derek McCaw (06-27-14)
The song itself might be NSFW, but the video is awkwardly, wonderfully just fine...

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 5 by Ric Bretschneider (06-27-14)
A lot of Harley Quinns and Deadpools going on...

Transformers: Age Of Extinction by Derek McCaw (06-27-14)
We make sense of this fourth Transformers movie so you won't have to...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #359: Giant Penny For Our Thoughts ! (6-26-14)
The Fanboys chat about this week’s comics, Guardians 3000, The Walking Dead at Comic-Con, new Doc Savage, Predator reboot, Transformers, The Last Ship, Dominion, The Musketeers, True Blood , and so much more!

Resignation: Warner Brothers Should Note This Fan Film by Derek McCaw (06-23-14)
You can tackle realistic issues without utterly ruining the character...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #358: A Cavalcade of Esplanades! (6-19-14)
The Fanboys chat about Edgar Rice Burroughs digital comics, Django and Zorro team-up, Alien Legion, DC Reboot/Reset, Scooby Doo reboot, Hulk movie, Birdman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman: Unlimited, Game of Thrones, Munchkin card game comic, and so much more!

Disney XD Evolving Ultimate Spider-Man to Web Warriors by Derek McCaw (06-17-14)
This could be the animation crossover of a lifetime...

The Dynamic Cosplay Couple: Introducing The Son To Cosplay by Lani Bassett (06-17-14)
The family that cosplays together...

Guardians of the Galaxy UK Trailer by Derek McCaw (06-17-14)
Oh, lord... I'm ready for a Rocket Raccoon solo film...

Everything Is Awesome (Even Now): The LEGO Movie Giveaway (06-16-14)
We have a blu-ray to give away, if you have a habit of making goofy videos...

Fanboy On Kickstarter #9 by Ric Bretschneider (06-15-14)
Reading Rainbow and Scrapyard Empire: Improve children's literacy and build crazy inventions!!

In The DC Movie Universe, Jason Momoa Is... by Derek McCaw (06-14-14)
From King of the Barbarians to King of the Seas?

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 4 by Ric Bretschneider (06-13-14)
Deep cuts from the Marvel album....

Warner Brothers' DC Movie Plan -- Or Is It? by Derek McCaw (06-13-14)
An Hollywood Insider publishes an intriguing list, but Warner Brothers stays mum...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #357: Big Cows! Milk'em! (6-12-14)
Batman writer and Chew creator John Layman joins the fanboys to discuss comics, animation and LEGO projects before we cover Rocket Raccoon, DC’s move, a Fantastic Four theory, Century 21, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Powers on PSN, Disney Infinity 2.0, the Doctor Who World Tour, True Detective, and so much more!

Disney Infinity 2.0: I Guess We're Getting Neverland! by Derek McCaw (06-12-14)
Rumors of Tinkerbell must be true... because we see this Toybox...

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 3 by Ric Bretschneider (06-12-14)
My favorite? The father-son Doctor Joneses... so simple, so sublime...

Disney Infinity 2.0: Spider-Man and More! by Derek McCaw (06-12-14)
It all looks so... shiny... and...

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 2 by Ric Bretschneider (06-11-14)
The stuff of IP lawyers' dreams...

Deathlok Returns To Comics! by Derek McCaw (06-11-14)
The Demolisher returns to the Marvel Universe in October...

Huge Hamsters Eating Huge Burritos by Jason Salazar (06-10-14)
Because even a meme parody must start somewhere...

The New Doctor Conquers The World! by Derek McCaw (06-10-14)
The BBC announces a world tour to get us more excited for the return of Doctor Who...

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Cosplay, Part 1 by Ric Bretschneider (06-10-14)
Hey, one of those cosplayers looks suspiciously like Ric Bretschneider...

David Lynch Faces The Ghost Of Leland Palmer by Derek McCaw (06-10-14)
A sneak peak at the new footage from Twin Peaks: The Complete Mystery...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #356: Afternoon in a Space Bar! (6-5-14)
The Fanboys convene to discuss Moon Knight, Trees, Superman-Doomed, Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Trouble in Little China, Batman '66 and Green Hornet, Fantastic Four tragic mistake, Doctor Strange movie, A Million Ways To Die In The West, Maleficent, Star Wars VII and spin-off films, toys, and so much more!

Moron Vs. Fanboy: Naive Dave by Lon Lopez and Derek McCaw (06-04-14)
Who is @hiddencash? More importantly, who is Naive Dave?

Sparks Goes iBook! by Derek McCaw (06-04-14)
Great deal for iPad and Mac readers -- including new audio commentary from William Katt!

WonderCon 2014: Sunday Cosplay by Steph Rodriguez (05-28-14)
Great costumes from Anaheim... don't worry, much more coming from Big Wow, too...

And The New Daredevil Is... Charlie Cox by Derek McCaw (05-28-14)
Production seems pretty stable on this upcoming Marvel/Netflix collaboration...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #355: Live from BayCon 2014! (5-27-14)
The Fanboys record at BayCon 2014 with guests Steve Mix and Charles McKeithan, to discuss Science Fiction Comics, PEERS Ball: Space Cowboys Shindig, The First Kingdom, Goodbye from the Edge of Never, Usagi Yojimbo: Senso, Godzilla, Marvel, Reboots and DC Crisises, Movie/TV tie-ins, Selfie, and so much more!

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Artists by Ric Bretschneider (05-26-14)
The best and the brightest of comics creators are finding their way to San Jose...

Doctor Who: The BBC Teases Us With "Rain" by Derek McCaw (05-25-14)
Oh, for the love of Pete, we get it with the feels! Give us action!

Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man by Derek McCaw (05-23-14)
In a sudden surprise move, the director leaves his pet project of eight years...

Doctor Who: The New Doctor Lands... This August... by Derek McCaw (05-23-14)
Which we kind of knew, but the teasing! The agony! The silhouette!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #354: Five on the Phone! (5-23-14)
The Fanboys interview Sina Grace and Daniel Freedman of Burn The Orphanage, from Big Wow! Comic Fest The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard and 9-year-old artistic prodigy Ethan Castillo, then discuss Marvel's "Time Runs Out”, Tarzan and John Carter of Mars, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Hero 6, Matthew Vaughn directing Kingsman: The Secret Service, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Under the Dome, Agent Carter, V-Wars, True Detective, and so much more!

X-Men: Days of Future Past by Derek McCaw (05-23-14)
Wolverine goes back in time to stop the future and save the clock tower...

Disney Infinity 2.0: A Closer Look At The Avengers Playset by Derek McCaw (05-22-14)
If Hulk teaches children how to parallel park, it will have done a great public service...

First Teaser: Big Hero 6 by Derek McCaw (05-22-14)
Marvel and Disney animation combine forces for... well, you must see!

Big Wow! Comic Fest 2014: The Batman Museum by Ric Bretschneider (05-20-14)
He turns 75 this year, and we'd still ride in the car with him ANYTIME!!!

The Cotton Candy Machine Gallery by Deb J. Draisin (05-20-14)
A cool exhibit and a cool gallery from artists who make the Comic Convention circuit...

Epic Rap Battles: Goku Vs. Superman by Derek McCaw (05-19-14)
Relax, you two... you both did really well dissing each other....

Action Figure Action Movie: The Setback by Lon Lopez and Rob Wilson (05-19-14)
So pleased to feature this short which won Best Animated Short at the Famous Monsters Film Festival at Big Wow! Comic Fest this past weekend! Way to go, guys!

Comic-Con 2014: The Exclusives Begin by Derek McCaw (05-16-14)
Archer fans -- you always get the best stuff...

Movie Review: Godzilla by Derek McCaw (05-16-14)
Admit it -- you just want to see him pick his teeth with the Space Needle....

Fanboy Planet Podcast #353: Go Go Godzilla! (5-15-14)
The Fanboys gather to debate Godzilla, Future's End, the first Affleck Batman, Gotham, Constantine, Arrow, iZombie, The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Xbox One updates , and so much more!

Rose McIver Delicately Eating Brains In iZombie by Derek McCaw (05-15-14)
The CW delays the series but releases the still of a girl and her favorite snack...

The Salt Lake City Fan Experience, Part Two: Cosplay by Yong-Chan Kim (05-15-14)
Prepare for the best Imperial Walker costume you've ever seen...

The Flash Returns To Television! by Derek McCaw (05-15-14)
The CW releases a trailer, and suddenly this show looks as good as Constantine...

The Dynamic Cosplay Couple's Big Wow Cosplay Countdown by Lani Bassett (05-15-14)
Local cosplay celebrities get ready for this weekend's big geek dance party...

WonderCon 2014: Vivek J. Tiwary, Following The Sun by Derek McCaw (05-15-14)
Interviewing the writer of The Fifth Beatle, fresh from his Eisner nomination...

Comics: Green Arrow Vol. 4: The Kill Machine by Kris Koller (05-14-14)
Kris Koller thinks this is the best of the New 52... do you?

Video: Galavant by Derek McCaw (05-13-14)
ABC offers up a medieval musical fantasy romance for midseason break...

WonderCon 2014: Celebrity Saturday by Steph Rodriguez (05-13-14)
One brave photographer camped out at the Arena at the Anaheim Convention Center...

The Venture Brothers Return To Space In 2015 by Derek McCaw (05-13-14)
Adult Swim announces an hour-long special that will change the VentureVerse forever!

DVD Review: JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time by Derek McCaw (05-13-14)
As of next week, this kid-friendly JLA is no longer a Target exclusive...

Channing Tatum Confirmed As Gambit In...? by Derek McCaw (05-13-14)
Bryan Singer suggests Apocalypse; his producer wants a solo film...

Behold The Batmobile AND Batfleck! by Derek McCaw (05-13-14)
Zack Snyder gives us the whole shebang -- and the Batsuit looks pretty good!

Video: The New Adventures Of Peter + Wendy by Derek McCaw (05-12-14)
Paula Rhodes returns as Wendy in a modern retelling from Neverland, Ohio...

Fanboy On Kickstarter #8 by Ric Bretschneider (05-12-14)
Popup Dungeon, More than just a Charming Dungeon Crawl!

Behold The Affleck Batmobile! by Derek McCaw (05-12-14)
Zack Snyder tweets a partial image of the new Batmobile for Superman Vs. Batman...

Further Taunting Us With Constantine Done Right by Derek McCaw (05-12-14)
A full scene... I'm in.

NBC Taunts Us With Constantine Done Right by Derek McCaw (05-11-14)
They had me from his business card...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #352: American Godzilla! (5-9-14)
The Fanboys review Jimmy Palmiotti’s Denver, Marvel's 75th, fate of an X-Men/Spider-Man movie crossover, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, Power Rangers, Son of Batman, passing of an Alfred, Agents of SHIELD, Penny Dreadful, Marvel Dice Masters, and so much more!

Four Networks Greenlight Comic Book-Based Series by Derek McCaw (05-08-14)
Ironically, only CBS doesn't have one; Sheldon Cooper is very disappointed...

Comics: The New 52: Future's End #1 by Derek McCaw (05-08-14)
A beloved hero travels back in time to save the future...but not far enough?

Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the U.K. by James Bacon (05-08-14)
A detailed look at a stunning new exhibit at the British Library...

Hitch A Ride On The Porkchop Express! by Derek McCaw (05-07-14)
Boom! Studios details their plans for new Big Trouble In Little China...

YOU Choose Marvel's Top 75 For 75! by Derek McCaw (05-07-14)
Marvel prepares their 75th Anniversary Omnibus, and turn it over to us to pick the stories!

WonderCon 2014: Batman and Bill Finger by Derek McCaw (05-07-14)
The heirs of the uncredited creator of Batman make a plea for recognition on Batman's 75th....

Comics: Scratch 9: Cat Of Nine Worlds #1 by Derek McCaw (05-06-14)
Seriously, why is this not an animated series?

Marvel Movie Rights: A Visual Guide To Who Owns What by The Geek Twins (05-06-14)
REPOST but timely again after the Spider-Man/X-Men crossover confusion...

Moron Vs. Fanboy: Mouse Blood by Lon Lopez and Derek McCaw (05-06-14)
Previewing Big Wow! Comic Fest, fearing for our blood, and Geek of the Week!


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