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WonderCon 2014: Day One by Derek McCaw (04-19-14)
This isn't a convention, it's too... oh, wait... there's that smell...

WonderCon 2014: Son of Batman Panel by Derek McCaw (04-18-14)
No one teach the kid playing Damien how to use swords, or he'll rule us all by Sunday...

WonderCon 2014: Disney Publishing Reveals Star Wars Plans by Derek McCaw (04-18-14)
Re-introducing Luke Skywalker to a whole new generation...

THIS Should Be Marvel's "Bond" Film by Derek McCaw (04-18-14)
First look at Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu #1...

Comics: Superior Spider-Man #31 by Kris Koller (04-17-14)
Can Peter Parker stay Superior in the face of the Goblin King?

Fanboy On Kickstarter #6 by Ric Bretschneider (04-17-14)
Mad Science and Monster Madness!

Comics: The Harlem Hellfighters by Derek McCaw (04-16-14)
Max Brooks delivers a powerful and true war story... no zombies, just brave men...

Comic-Con 2014: The Eisner Award Nominations by Derek McCaw (04-16-14)
Congratulations to all nominated -- it's time for us to catch up on some reading!

Final Trailer For X-Men: Days Of Future Past by Derek McCaw (04-16-14)
As far as I can tell, no Western Bacon Cheeseburgers in sight...

Counting Down The Marvel Vs. DC Movie Game Of Chicken by Derek McCaw (04-15-14)
Either Captain America or Batman Vs. Superman will have to blink...

Is Paul Bettany Playing The Original Human Torch, Too? by Derek McCaw (04-14-14)
Paul Bettany confides to Jimmy Kimmel that he really can't say much...

Disney Infinity 2.0 - First Tease And Guesses by Derek McCaw (04-09-14)
Disney has leaked a teaser for Infinity 2.0, and it's Marvel-ous...

Last Scene Of Game Of Thrones by Derek McCaw (04-09-14)
It's a new age of dancing and safety... and men without hats...

Donovan & Simms Episode 3: Beyond Grief And Space by Jason Salazar (04-08-14)
Donovan may have to visit the Doctor... or at least a good psychiatrist...

Harley Quinn Gets Frozen by Derek McCaw (04-07-14)
...asking the musical question, "Do you want to kill the Batman?"

Catch Up Like Captain America by Derek McCaw (04-07-14)
Everything that's happened in the last 70 years, courtesy of Marvin Gaye...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #349: The Winter Podcast! (4-4-14)
The Fanboys discuss Aquaman and the Others, Original Sin, Armor Hunters, Elfquest, Battle Royale, Doctor Doom, Indiana Jones, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., From Dusk 'till Dawn, Gotham so much more!

Comics: Must-Reads After Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Derek McCaw (04-04-14)
You've left the movie theater and need more Captain America? Start here...

Review: The Raid 2: Berandal by David J. Fowlie (04-04-14)
Meanwhile, over in Indonesia, they've got a hot action franchise going, too!

Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Derek McCaw (04-04-14)
He may be the Living Legend of World War II, but he's the hero we need now...

Marvel Studios Films Planned Through 2028 by Derek McCaw (04-03-14)
Kevin Feige will make it happen, and we will reap the rewards...

Moron Vs. Fanboy Episode 12: A Game Of Domes by Lon Lopez (04-02-14)
Farewell to the Century Theaters, hello modern movie-going, and Geek of the Week!

MTV Presents "Electro: Secrets Revealed" (04-02-14)
Keeping the hype going for Amazing Spider-Man 2...

Fanboy On Kickstarter #5 by Ric Bretschneider (04-01-14)
Now cook with an Oven Mitt Power Glove!

Phantasm: Ravager Completed In Secret by Derek McCaw (03-31-14)
Return to the world of the Tall Man...

Raiders Of The Last Ark by Derek McCaw (03-31-14)
The lights go down on the Century Domes for one final time...

Fanboy On Kickstarter #4 by Ric Bretschneider (03-30-14)
Till Dawn vampire card game and Doc Unknown graphic novels, for your consideration...

Wolverine The Musical by Derek McCaw (03-29-14)
An easy mash of X-Men and Les Miserables from one of our most versatile stars...

First Pics Of A Rudimentary Ultron by Derek McCaw (03-28-14)
Daring paparazzi have captured the face of Ultron... for now...

Disneyland's Mechanical Kingdom by Derek McCaw (03-28-14)
If Jules Verne had whispered to Walt "...here's how to make more money in 2014..."

Fanboy Planet Podcast #348: Accidental Lightsaber! (3-28-14)
The Fanboys discuss Fantastic 4, Ms. Marvel 1 & 2, the Eternity Interview, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Terminator 5, Phantasm 5, a Community movie, Prometheus 2, Incredibles 2, The 100, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Puzzle Quest and so much more!

Review: Sabotage by David J. Fowlie (03-28-14)
An over-the-top ultra-violent take on an Agatha Christie novel?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer by Derek McCaw (03-27-14)
Are the heroes in a half-shell half-baked in Michael Bay's adaptation?

Gotham Gallery Of Characters by Derek McCaw (03-27-14)
These are the people who will watch over young Bruce Wayne and the rise of darkness...

Video: Catwoman Loves Bruce by Unhinged Comedy (03-27-14)
What happens AFTER billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne retires to suburbia?

Video Flashback: DEVO: R U Experienced? by Derek McCaw (03-25-14)
After a rough day at the office, this might just be the flashback you need...

Tales From The Epic Registration Waiting Room by Ric Bretschneider (03-25-14)
One man's epic struggle to succeed in getting a badge for Comic-Con...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #347: Things That Amused A Ten-Year-Old Me! (3-21-14)
The fanboys discuss The Return of Damian Wayne, Superman, Wolverine, Peanuts, Ghostbusters 3, Cinequest wrap-up Part 1, Paula Rhodes, Elfquest, Eternity Interview with Todd and B.J., Assembling a Universe, Veronica Mars and so much more!

SAVE THE DOME! Century 21 Needs Our Help! by Derek McCaw (03-21-14)
Movie history is in danger of being torn down...

Sparks: The Rise Of Ian Sparks DVD and Graphic Novel Giveaway! (03-19-14)
Sideshow Productions have bundled three graphic novels and three DVDs for our readers!

Captain America In Tomorrowland by Derek McCaw (03-19-14)
I do mean the theme park, not the upcoming Disney film of the same name...

The Final Trailer For Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Derek McCaw (03-19-14)
Let's not forget Spidey all lonely over there at Sony...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #346: Neil Gaiman and Scream Queens! (3-13-14)
The fanboys are joined by Love in the Time of Monsters' Matt Jackson and Bite Size's Corbin Billings to review the week's fanboy news along with interviews with Sandman's Neil Gaiman, the crew from the hilarious Eternity The Movie, SHIELD, City on the Edge of Forever, Forever Evil, Moon Knight, Star Light, and so much more!

Is Constantine Getting It Right? by Derek McCaw (03-13-14)
Warner releases first official pic of Matt Ryan as our favorite Hellblazer...

Sure, He's Just A Figment, But Aren't They All? (03-12-14)
Marvel and Disney Kingdoms announce their next title...

The BBC Revamps Classic Hitch-Hikers' Computer Game by Derek McCaw (03-12-14)
"Completely understandable, considering how enjoyable the game is..."

Fanboy On Kickstarter #3 by Ric Bretschneider (03-11-14)
A Walking Dead board game and a graphic novel catch Ric's attention...

Moon Knight #1: That Bag Is Dangerous by Kris Koller (03-10-14)
Marc Spector returns in a series that may elevate him to his bright white glory...

Cinequest 2014: An Exclusive Interview With Neil Gaiman by Derek McCaw (03-10-14)
The Prince of Stories sits down with the Planeteers to blow our minds...

Marvel Is 75? They Don't Look A Day Over .NOW! (03-10-14)
Marvel releases a video promising great celebrations this year...

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chat: Chris Pratt, James Gunn and Kevin Feige! (03-09-14)
Run live by AMC Theaters last night, now archived for our enjoyment...

Cinequest 2014: The Love In The Time Of Monsters Fanboy Connection! (03-09-14)
"Agatha" looked familiar; she's Paula Rhodes, producer and actor in the Elfquest fan film!
(Note: The article is a repost from 2011.)

Fanboy Planet Podcast #345: Harry Knowles, Fanboy! (3-7-14)
The fanboys sit down during San Jose's Cinequest film festival for a Giant Size Conversation with Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles!  Discussion ranges from his fannish early life, journalistic origins, inspriations, how much we all owe to Forrest J. Ackerman, Elijah Wood, Grand Piano, Flipper, and so much more!

Cinequest 2014: Animate Me: The Shorts Program (03-04-14)
Academy Award-winning short "Mr. Hublot" leads off a night of imagination...

Fanboy On Kickstarter #2 by Ric Bretschneider (03-04-14)
Ric highlights a fun pub game and an original graphic novel that needs your help!

Gotham Completes Its Casting by Derek McCaw (03-04-14)
The Fox drama gets a young Bruce Wayne and a young Selina Kyle!


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