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Special Star Wars Page

Edgar Wright Leaves Ant-Man by Derek McCaw (05-23-14)
In a sudden surprise move, the director leaves his pet project of eight years...

X-Men: Days of Future Past by Derek McCaw (05-23-14)
Wolverine goes back in time to stop the future and save the clock tower...

First Teaser: Big Hero 6 by Derek McCaw (05-22-14)
Marvel and Disney animation combine forces for... well, you must see!

Channing Tatum Confirmed As Gambit In...? by Derek McCaw (05-13-14)
Bryan Singer suggests Apocalypse; his producer wants a solo film...

Behold The Batmobile AND Batfleck! by Derek McCaw (05-13-14)
Zack Snyder gives us the whole shebang -- and the Batsuit looks pretty good!

Behold The Affleck Batmobile! by Derek McCaw (05-12-14)
Zack Snyder tweets a partial image of the new Batmobile for Superman Vs. Batman...

Marvel Movie Rights: A Visual Guide To Who Owns What by The Geek Twins (05-06-14)
REPOST but timely again after the Spider-Man/X-Men crossover confusion...

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Derek McCaw (05-02-14)
In the midst of loud electric green action, there are moments of quiet beauty...

WonderCon 2014: The War Between R-2 And Wall-E by Derek McCaw (04-28-14)
The cleverness, the skill and the out and out cuteness may be too much...

Warner Brothers Confirms Zack Snyder's Justice League by Nate Costa (04-27-14)
At least they're not casting anyone as Vibe...

Ray Fisher Playing Cyborg In Superman Vs. Batman by Derek McCaw (04-24-14)
He'll float like a kryptonian, sting like a bat...

Movie Review: Under The Skin by David J. Fowlie (04-22-14)
Scarlett Johansson stalks the backroads of Scotland... and goes more than skin deep...

WonderCon 2014: Cinema Make-up School by Derek McCaw (04-21-14)
A place where they literally get their Yayas out...

Final Trailer For X-Men: Days Of Future Past by Derek McCaw (04-16-14)
As far as I can tell, no Western Bacon Cheeseburgers in sight...

Counting Down The Marvel Vs. DC Movie Game Of Chicken by Derek McCaw (04-15-14)
Either Captain America or Batman Vs. Superman will have to blink...

Is Paul Bettany Playing The Original Human Torch, Too? by Derek McCaw (04-14-14)
Paul Bettany confides to Jimmy Kimmel that he really can't say much...

Harley Quinn Gets Frozen by Derek McCaw (04-07-14)
...asking the musical question, "Do you want to kill the Batman?"

Catch Up Like Captain America by Derek McCaw (04-07-14)
Everything that's happened in the last 70 years, courtesy of Marvin Gaye...

Review: The Raid 2: Berandal by David J. Fowlie (04-04-14)
Meanwhile, over in Indonesia, they've got a hot action franchise going, too!

Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Derek McCaw (04-04-14)
He may be the Living Legend of World War II, but he's the hero we need now...

Marvel Studios Films Planned Through 2028 by Derek McCaw (04-03-14)
Kevin Feige will make it happen, and we will reap the rewards...

MTV Presents "Electro: Secrets Revealed" (04-02-14)
Keeping the hype going for Amazing Spider-Man 2...

Phantasm: Ravager Completed In Secret by Derek McCaw (03-31-14)
Return to the world of the Tall Man...

Raiders Of The Last Ark by Derek McCaw (03-31-14)
The lights go down on the Century Domes for one final time...

Wolverine The Musical by Derek McCaw (03-29-14)
An easy mash of X-Men and Les Miserables from one of our most versatile stars...

First Pics Of A Rudimentary Ultron by Derek McCaw (03-28-14)
Daring paparazzi have captured the face of Ultron... for now...

Review: Sabotage by David J. Fowlie (03-28-14)
An over-the-top ultra-violent take on an Agatha Christie novel?

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer by Derek McCaw (03-27-14)
Are the heroes in a half-shell half-baked in Michael Bay's adaptation?

SAVE THE DOME! Century 21 Needs Our Help! by Derek McCaw (03-21-14)
Movie history is in danger of being torn down...

The Final Trailer For Amazing Spider-Man 2 by Derek McCaw (03-19-14)
Let's not forget Spidey all lonely over there at Sony...

Cinequest 2014: An Exclusive Interview With Neil Gaiman by Derek McCaw (03-10-14)
The Prince of Stories sits down with the Planeteers to blow our minds...

Guardians Of The Galaxy Chat: Chris Pratt, James Gunn and Kevin Feige! (03-09-14)
Run live by AMC Theaters last night, now archived for our enjoyment...

Cinequest 2014: The Love In The Time Of Monsters Fanboy Connection! (03-09-14)
"Agatha" looked familiar; she's Paula Rhodes, producer and actor in the Elfquest fan film!
(Note: The article is a repost from 2011.)

Cinequest 2014: Animate Me: The Shorts Program (03-04-14)
Academy Award-winning short "Mr. Hublot" leads off a night of imagination...

Review: Son of God by David J. Fowlie (02-28-14)
Yep. The book was better.

Video: Sweethearts of the Galaxy Episode 7 (02-27-14)
Evil twin sidekicks? "Behold...The Committee of Evil-Doers"!

We Have A Villain For Star Wars VII... by Derek McCaw (02-26-14)
At least, Variety says we do. Looks like Adam Driver will cause trouble for... who?

Review: All Hail The King by Derek McCaw (02-26-14)
The Marvel One-Shot on Thor: The Dark World's home video release is the best yet...

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Falcon One-Sheet (02-26-14)
I still want the costume to be a little more colorful, but Mackie looks good in the wings...

Video: Elsa Sets The Princesses Straight (02-25-14)
This one goes out for my daughter and my day job...

Cinequest 2014: Eternity: The Movie by Derek McCaw (02-24-14)
Journey back to the 80s -- yes, they were that bright, that hopeful and that tacky...

Toy Fair 2014: The Guardians of the Galaxy Toys by Derek McCaw (02-21-14)
What do you want for Christmas? And really, are you going to wait?

Review: 3 Days To Kill by David J. Fowlie (02-21-14)
Just when he thought he was out, they... really? Haven't we seen this?

Guardians of the Galaxy The Poster!(02-20-14)
Sums it up nicely, really...

REPOST VIDEO: Introducing Action Figure Action Movie by Lon Lopez (02-20-14)
Accepted into the 2014 Wizard World Sacramento Film Festival!

Sparks Defends America! (Theatrically, Anyway) by Derek McCaw (02-19-14)
The indie superhero noir film may be coming to a theater near you!

Guardians of the Galaxy Revealed! by Derek McCaw (02-18-14)
Jimmy Kimmel gets to show the world the trailer...and in the spirit of Starlord, we stole it.

Cinequest2014: The Man Behind The Mask by Christopher J. Garcia (02-18-14)
Luchador El Hijo De El Santo struggles to honor and escape the shadow of El Santo...

Video: Sweethearts of the Galaxy Episode 6 (02-14-14)
Element-47 is on her own in "Hanging Around In Bars With Boys"...

Jodorowsky's Dune: Suddenly The Movie I Want To See Most In 2014 (02-13-14)
Well, at least second to Guardians of the Galaxy, though that won't be as trippy...

Review: Robocop by David J. Fowlie (02-13-14)
How do you rebuild a movie that was perfect in the first place?

Wasteland - Episode 1 - "Zombie Girl" by Tom Clark (02-11-14)
The future of mankind may lie in the hands of idiots...

Academy Awards 2014: The DocumentaryShorts by David J. Fowlie (02-11-14)
Perhaps the hardest find of all -- the true stories nominated for Academy Awards!

Tarzan Swings Again! by Derek McCaw (02-11-14)
Alexander Skarsgard WILL play the Lord of the Jungle...

Escape From Arkham City by Derek McCaw (02-11-14)
When it comes to Escape From New York, let's acknowledge what influenced what...

Marvel Movie Rights: A Visual Guide To Who Owns What by The Geek Twins (02-10-14)
At last, a handy dandy visual shorthand that will resolve a lot of arguments... or start some...

Cinequest 2014: Eternity: The Movie: The Soundtrack (02-10-14)
A mixture of Hall & Oates, The Jets, Thompson Twins and David Sanborn... you want it.

Everything Is Awesome by Derek McCaw (02-10-14)
Just in case you got it out of your head...

Academy Awards 2014: The Live-ActionShorts by David J. Fowlie (02-10-14)
David takes a look at the undersung -- those films nominated in short subject categories...

Academy Awards 2014: The Animated Shorts by David J. Fowlie (02-07-14)
David takes a look at the undersung -- those films nominated in short subject categories...

Review: The LEGO Movie by Derek McCaw (02-07-14)
Breaking the February movie curse -- everything is AWESOME!

A Captain America: The Winter Soldier One-Sheet For Mom by Derek McCaw (02-06-14)
Just to remind you that one of America's most important filmmakers is in it...

Marvel Has A Vision Of The Vision -- And It's Paul Bettany by Derek McCaw (02-06-14)
Will Jarvis betray the Avengers in Age of Ultron?

Cinequest 2014: Trailer For Blood Punch (02-05-14)
If you ever wanted to see kids from the Power Rangers go bad...

Doctor Doom May Have A Secret - A Victoria's Secret by Derek McCaw (02-05-14)
New Fantastic Four casting rumors calculated to drive you mad...

Video: Sweethearts of the Galaxy Episode 5 - "Stopping a Real Crime" (02-04-14)
"OMG. Why on earth did we bother trying to save you?"

More Set Pics From Captain America: The Winter Soldier (02-03-14)
Marvel unleashes more pictures to keep us salivating...

Donovan & Simms, Episode 2 by David McGuire and Jason Salazar (02-03-14)
The new partnership is threatened when Donovan's wife is kidnapped...

The Rescue Rangers Return? by Derek McCaw (02-03-14)
Disney working on a live-action Chip 'n Dale movie...

Video: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer (02-03-14)
Plenty of excuses for Chris Evans NOT to wear the uniform, and yet it still works...

Video: The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Enemies United (02-03-14)
Sony gives us an extended look -- really, I'm ready for the movie now....

Superman Vs. Batman Has Its Lex Luthor And Alfred! by Derek McCaw (01-31-14)
Very interesting choices in Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons...

Review: Labor Day by David J. Fowlie (01-31-14)
Damaged people come together on a dangerous weekend...

Superbowl 2014: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (part 1) (01-30-14)
Sony releases a tense new commercial, but you can't see the end until the Superbowl...

Cinequest 2014: Quick Look At Love In The Time Of Monsters (01-30-14)
Because a good film festival isn't just arty movies -- we got monsters, too!

Set Pics From Captain America: The Winter Soldier (01-30-14)
Includes our first look at Batroc the Leaper!

Character One-Sheets From Captain America: The Winter Soldier (01-30-14)
So the U.K. gets it first again?

Cinequest 2014: Cargo by Derek McCaw (01-30-14)
A preview of the Science Fiction Shorts program, a heart-breaking zombie film...

Cinequest2014: Frank Miller Doc Receives Theatrical Premiere by Derek McCaw (01-28-14)
Masterpiece: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns screens just before the Gaiman event...

Cinequest 2014: Eternity: The Movie by Derek McCaw (01-28-14)
A trailer from a musical comedy that really, I HAVE TO SEE!

Cinequest 2014: Neil Gaiman Receiving Maverick Spirit Award by Derek McCaw (01-28-14)
Sunday, March 9 in San Jose -- Neil Gaiman!

Fox's Version Of Quicksilver Pretty Silver (01-27-14)
Empire Magazine gets clearest look at Evan Peters in X-Men: Days of Future Past...

Director Josh Trank Debunks Fantastic Four Reboot Synopsis by Derek McCaw (01-24-14)
UPDATE: The plot synopsis has been removed by legal request of Fox. Bodes well, doesn't it?

Ant-Man Moves To July 17, 2015 by Derek McCaw (01-23-14)
Warner Brothers says, "hey, are you watching Arrow? It's really good...".

Video: Sweethearts of the Galaxy - "Faking Normal" (01-22-14)
"Ah, yes. On my planet we have a totally different word for those..."

Disney Announces Frozen Sing-Along Starting January 31st! (01-22-14)
We'll all be there straining... "Reindeer are better than people..."

Dare To Join The Resistance by Derek McCaw (01-21-14)
The greatest action movies you'll ever see get made up live onstage every Sunday night...

Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit by David J. Fowlie (01-20-14)
Take or leave this update struggling to leave the Cold War behind...

Donovan & Simms, Episode 1 by David McGuire and Jason Salazar (01-18-14)
One's a disgruntled cop, one's a talented rookie, though she's tops in the first grade...

Michael Douglas To Play Hank Pym by Derek McCaw (01-13-14)
UPDATE: Edgar Wright reminds us he told us about this back in 2006...

Review: The Legend Of Hercules by David J. Fowlie (01-11-14)
That rare film that makes you look forward to the nuanced character work of Brett Ratner...

Captain America: "I'm Going To Disneyland!" by Derek McCaw (01-10-14)
Starting this Spring, you can meet the Star-Spangled Avenger in Tomorrowland!

Video: Sweethearts of the Galaxy - "Becoming A Super-Villain" (01-07-14)
Sometimes there can be no greater nemesis than an ex-girlfriend scorned...

Review: Her by David J. Fowlie (01-03-14)
Face it -- chances are, if you're here, it's plausible...

Video: Sweethearts of the Galaxy - "Capturing Necrocide" (01-02-14)
All he wanted was a ride to a job interview...

Review: My Favorite Year by Derek McCaw (01-02-14)
Not 2013 (no offense), but the Peter O'Toole movie that every fanboy should see...

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